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About OPBS

who we are

Tasmania based, Open Pores Bike Safari- Hire and Guided.

OPBS is set up to upgrade your preferences for a cycling experience.

"A guide will take you to places to show your own places. A different view; something different in your leisure. Affordable cost."

We will complete your biking needs. We are highly experienced in the geography of Hobart and nearby suburbs and had an extensive study about fun and adventure in Tasmania around mid of 2020. Turned the idea of bike riding around Hobart into a commercial element.

Bike riding is a common sport in Australia yet a lot of people are unaware of the thrill of bike riding. Thus, we are here to bridge that tiny little gap between you and the greatest discovery of mankind for fun and Health. We hope by looking at things differently through our adventure, you will see your life differently. It's the least we are working on to eradicate mental health problems.

Although we are a small team and have tiny skills and resources, we have high hope from OPEN PORES BIKE SAFARI on creating magic in people's life- both the state's residents and tourists.

about opbs
about opbs

Our Mission

Open Pores Bike Safari has a small team but the thought and planning that this tiny team poses have the potential to change the view of everybody about their life and their surrounding.

Our only mission is to bring every resident of the state to the bike track, plus present the beautiful view of the state to all the tourists.

about opbs

Our Vission

Make biking one of the most elements to experience whenever we visit a new place. We want to make OPBS a to-do list for every traveler.

Today, it's in Tasmania, but we have an image of OPBS been set up in every state of the country, plus in every tourist destination of the world.

It would be a thing for travelers if the biking option is there in the attractions. An authority must come forward to organize these biking events where a guide will show the tourists around through a group tour or safari. Similarly, we can talk about a lot of attractions in the world, which have this option already and many are not advertised up to the mark. This is a completely unnoticed adventure and we want to work for it, to make it the most element whenever they visit an attraction.

Moreover, all the residents of Tasmania must have a bike or riding habit and we want to make it happen.

Your Ride Assits

Aroon Acharya

Aroon Acharya

Operations Director

Sulav Shrestha

Sulav Shrestha


Sarina Panday

Sarina Panday

Brand Ambassador